Application Development

Go & JavaScript powered Application Development & Services

Application Development

At GoCoder we can develop your application, this could be a full scale/stack public or private web application, a static front end application, a backend application (i.e. a REST API) or a [cross-platform] CLI tool.

Our applications are mainly developed in Go or Javascript, NodeJS for the backend with MongoDB storage and Vue.js/Nuxt or Svelte/Svelte-kit for the front end. Auth0 can be implemented for Authorization/Authentication

JamStack websites can be developed as well, i.e. Nuxt/Netlify/Contentful

Our Services

Go Application Development

Go application development, CLI, API (REST/gRPC)

Full Stack/Jamstack Development

Full Stack/Jamstack Software Development for Go, Java and JavaScript, either in the Cloud or Local.
[FullStack|Cloud|Linux] - Go - MongoDB - Express - Node.JS - - VueJS - Svelte - Redis - Bootstrap
[JamStack] Nuxt/Sveltekit - Netlify - Contentful

JavaScript Web Application Development

Custom Javascript web development for your Front End, Back End or API project. We can develop a responsive Single Page Application (SPA). Want to implement websockets?
We develop for the following frameworks: Node.js, Express, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Svelte,, Bulma (or Bootstrap)

Cloud Deployment

We can develop/assist/manage to deploy your application hosted on:
Paas / OpenShift / AWS / Heroku / Netlify

Microservice Development

We can develop microservices or help you splitting up your monolith into microservices

Website Maintenance

PHP / Wordpress / MySQL / JS
We can manage your website, add functionality do backups etc.